We sympathise with you, your family and friends at this time of war in your country, Ukraine. We will do our utmost to accommodate you as best we can under the current circumstances. This notwithstanding, it will not always be easy, as the influx of refugees is enormous and facilities are still being developed.

Upon arrival the first thing you need to do is register, so we know you have arrived and we can provide you with a place to stay.

This can be done as follows:

1. Contact the town hall of Capelle aan den IJssel – during office hours (9.00 – 17.00 hours):

2. Contact the police – after office hours

3.  Go to the regional contact center

You can go to sports hall De Wielewaal, Brammerstraat 1 in Rotterdam and register yourself there. You can travel free of charge with public transport upon showing your Ukrainian passport. After registration at De Wielewaal you will be transferred to other accommodation as soon as possible.

How to reach sporthal 'De Wielewaal'?

  • Take subway (metro) line E direction Slinge
  • Change at subway station Maashaven
  • Take tram line 2 direction Kromme Zandweg
  • Leave at Kromme Zandweg

How long can I stay in the Netherlands?

You can travel throughout Europe (which includes the Netherlands) without the need for a visa, thanks to a treaty between Ukraine and the European Union. You can stay in the Netherlands for 90 days. This period can be extended if necessary. Up-to-date information about this can be found on the Government website and the IND website (both in Dutch).

Should I claim asylum?

Ukrainian citizens with a biometric passport (a passport with a (invisible) chip that stores personal information) do not need to claim asylum, and will be able to travel visa-free to countries in the EU. Up-to-date information about this can be found on the Government website and the IND website (both in Dutch).

Can I choose where to stay?

If you register for shelter, the local authority will find a place for you. This means you cannot choose. Of course, you are free to arrange your own accommodation.

I need (urgent) medical care, but I am not insured. What should I do?

Your medical care is paid for by a subsidy scheme. Your healthcare provider can declare the medical costs.

For emergency care, you can go to:

IJsselland Ziekenhuis (Hospital)
Prins Constantijnweg 2
2906 ZC Capelle a/d IJssel
T 010 258 50 00

For more information about care and care costs, go to

Where can I find the answers to other healthcare questions?

  • Go to GGDRotterdamRijnmond.nl or contact the Red Cross.
  • Send your question in a WhatsApp message to 06 481 580 53, stating your name and telephone number. You can also send a voice message. The Red Cross will reply to you in your own language.

I want to have my COVID vaccine/booster, what should I do?

You can receive your 1st, 2nd, or booster vaccine for free at any GGD vaccination location. You do not need to make an appointment. Please bring a valid proof of ID. Please note: locations are not open every day of the week.

For up-to-date information, go to: Coronavirus vaccination (without appointment) | GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond (Dutch).

How do I register in Capelle aan den IJssel?

If you are currently staying in a hotel, you do not have to do anything. The local authority will visit you to arrange your registration.

Are you registered in the Personal Records Database (BRP) yet?

If you arranged your own accommodation, for example with a host family, family, or friends, you can make an appointment with the local authority at the town hall to register:

Town hall
Rivierweg 111
2903 AR Capelle aan den IJssel

You can also contact us by telephone during office hours (08.00 - 17.00): telephone 010 284 86 88.

The following conditions apply:

  1. You must have Ukrainian nationality
  2. You must bring a valid international passport, an ID card, or a declaration of identity and nationality from the Ukrainian embassy
  3. If these documents are not available for children we can take a sworn statement. This will be referred to our colleagues from the Personal Records Database (BRP) for assessment
  4. If available, please bring your birth certificates, marriage certificates and/or decree absolute for all your family members. These documents show the relationship between you and your children, and you and your partner.

Lots of people have to be registered on the Personal Records Database. We ask for your patience at this time. Please do not be angry if we cannot help you straight away. We will do our very best to arrange everything for you properly and as quickly as possible.

Can I get money from the local authority/the State for staying in Rotterdam?

The government is still busy making arrangements for Ukrainian refugees for their living expenses, insurances, etcetera. As soon as we know more about this, we will update this web page.

To bridge this period, civil servants will visit the accommodations, so that refugees can complete an application form for an allowance for living expenses. This allowance is then paid out in cash straight away.

People who are staying in municipal accommodation for Ukrainians (GOO) are not obliged to register on the Personal Records Database in order to receive the allowance. For private accommodation for Ukrainians (POO) this registration is necessary to receive the allowance. To register, make an appointment with the Civil Affairs department at the town hall. Contact us during office hours (09.00 – 17.00): 010 284 86 88 or 00 31 10 284 86 88 (if you have a foreign phone).

Do I need a Dutch bank account to receive the allowance?

Yes, you need a Dutch bank account to receive the allowance. For this, you will need:

a. Registration in the Personal Records Database (BRP)
b. Citizen Service Number (BSN)

The allowance cannot be paid into a Ukrainian bank account, because Ukraine is not part of the so-called SEPA countries (Single Euro Payments Area), and is not a member of the EU. SEPA is used to make transfers from any European bank account to any other European bank account, which is not the case for Ukrainian bank accounts.

Where can I learn the Dutch language?

There is no extensive municipal availability of language courses for Ukrainian refugees (yet). You can make use of the available courses in the city. There are informal (often free of charge) language lessons in the library and in Huizen van de Wijk (Neighbourhood Houses).

Library aan den IJssel
Stadsplein 39
2903 HH Capelle aan den IJssel

Open: Monday to Friday from 10.00 – 17.00
Saturday from 10.00 – 15.00
Sunday: closed

Capelle aan den IJssel has five Huizen van de Wijk (Neighbourhood Houses), each one in a different district. For more information, go to: https://www.welzijncapelle.nu/huis-van-de-wijk (in Dutch).

There is also a formal provision of language schools that you have to pay for.

Can I work in the Netherlands?

Refugees from Ukraine will be able to work in the Netherlands in time, but it is not yet known when this is possible and what the conditions will be. As soon as we know more about this, we will let you know.

Can I study/continue my education in the Netherlands?

The Dutch government will soon announce the rights and obligations of students who have fled Ukraine. As soon as more information is available, you can find it on the University Asylum Fund (UAF): Universitair Asiel Fonds | Uaf.nl.

When can my children start going to school or daycare?

The local authority is working hard to arrange (emergency) accommodation for the refugees from Ukraine. There will be lots of children among the refugees. The local authority is in talks with schools and children’s daycare centres to provide access to education or childcare for these children as soon as possible. As soon as we know more about this, we will let you know.

Can I use public transport (OV) for free?

From June 1st 2022: no more free travel in public transport in the Netherlands. You will need a valid ticket. More information: https://www.refugeehelp.nl/nl/get-help/travel/travelling-within-the-netherlands

Where can I safely park my car in Capelle aan den IJssel?

Parking is free anywhere in Capelle aan den IJssel.

How can I meet other Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands?

There are various national and local organisations for Ukrainians in the Netherlands.

Meeting in Huis van de Wijk (Neighbourhood House)

Ukrainians can meet and socialise at the Tuesday coffee mornings, from 10:00 until 12:00 at Huis van de Wijk Fascinatio, Fascinatio Boulevard 466, Capelle aan den IJssel.

There is a coffee morning for Ukrainians at Huis van de Wijk Oostgaarde, De Linie 5b, Capelle aan den IJssel, every Wednesday from 10:00 until 12:00.

Library aan den IJssel

There are meetings at the Library aan den IJssel too, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea together, take language lessons, etc.

Address: Stadsplein 39, Capelle aan den IJssel For information, go to: Oekraïne bibliotheekaandenijssel.nl.

Ontmoetingsplek 'Oekraïens Huis'

As well as the meeting places in Capelle aan den IJssel, the Rotterdam local authority has created a meeting place for Ukrainian refugees in Rotterdam. This is where refugees can come together in a cosy environment.

Oekraïens Huis
Pleinweg 196 a
3083 EV Rotterdam

Open: every day from 10:00 until 18:00

I need care for my pet

There is a national point of contact where you can ask for help for pets belonging to Ukrainian refugees. This help could mean vaccinations, medical help, and practical matters such as baskets, food, or temporary accommodation.

For assistance, please call 088 - 811 33 33 (from Monday to Friday 09.00 – 17.00 hrs), or send an e-mail to info@hulpvoordierenuitoekraine.nl.

More information

Many people are offering to help, but unfortunately, not everyone can be trusted. For this reason, it is important to be alert and careful. Read here for more information:

The website Refugeehelp.com has more information for Ukrainian refugees. If you have any questions for the local authority, please send an e-mail to hulpoekraine@capelleaandenijssel.nl.